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Android 8.0: Android Oreo New Features And Everything you need to know

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Hello ladies and gentlemen,Google has finally unveiled Android 8.0 Oreo to the masses and released the first factory images,here is the Android Oreo New Features And Everything you need to know.

We’ve been playing with developer previews for months but now we get to play with the final draft here is Android 8.0 Oreo.

let’s start with the UI changes in Android 8.0 Oreo

Android Oreo New Features
Image : AndroidSage

Android UI hasn’t changed all that much in Oreo though.if you’re only looking for UI changes you might spot just one the brighter color palettes,The quick settings area, it’s now light gray, not dark gray,reflecting a similar color change in the stock Settings app.

Whether that’s good or bad it’s mostly a matter of personal taste.

New Features And Everything you need to know in new Android Oreo New Features

The quick settings panel has been rearranged to bring the settings,user switching ,and edit shortcuts further down healthfully making these easier to reach on larger Phones.

Android Oreo New Features
Image: AndroidPIT

The retooled Settings app is another big visual change the slide-out hamburger navigation panel added in Nougat it has been removed and instead Google has made navigation simpler by redesigning each of the 13 sub menus to make things easier to find.

the new battery settings page is a great example of this type of Android Oreo New Features.

The screen on time is now shown right up top along with the time since your last full charge scroll down little you see a most battery hungry apps.

you need to look below The surface has got many of other visual changes in Oreo.
for instance google has finally started bringing a sense of order to app icons with new adaptive icons which that you choose between five different cutout types.

This means manufacture like Samsung, Huawei, and LG we like to use their own icon cutout shape now a more reliable way to do this, but doesn’t result in bad weird-looking icon to the third-party apps.

Androids animations haven’t changed a whole lot in Oreo but there are a couple of new sprites in the notification shade that add to the polish of Google’s material design.

icon smoothly transition from the status bar into their notification Bar before springing up into place an icon sound juggle themselves around in the status bar is new alerts arrive making the whole system feel a bit more dynamic.

And these are small changes but they go a long way towards making this important area of the system feel more lively and fun.

Finally it’s worth mentioning a handful of upgrades to that most important of smart phone features emoji.

Android Oreo New Features emoji

Oreo has a handful of new emoji while redesigning the icons themselves in a move away from the old androids style blobs.

And thanks to a new compatibility layer, developers can support these in apps going all the way back to KitKat

Android notifications were overhauled in Nougat and Oreo intros a handful of changes to make the daily firehouse of alerts a little bit more manageable.

Android Oreo New Features emoji
image :

The big new thing is notification channels. a new feature which brings categories of notifications to your apps so you can filter different kinds of alerts from the same apps.

A social app for instance might have channels with direct messages, status updates, likes or other interactions and you can then choose how your Alerted with notifications in each of these categories, sound, vibration, led, or you can even block notifications from some channels altogether.

Now there is a certain amount of micromanagement involved’s can take time and a lot of individual app updates before we’re going to know how successful this feature will be.

Maybe notification channels will be genuinely useful for everyone or perhaps will be too lazy to bother with them.

Speaking of laziness, Oreo also lets you snooze individual notification groups temporarily by swiping right in hitting the clock icon.

The use pacer is pretty obvious you can have this miss a notification you don’t to be able to right away without getting rid of it permanently.

Elsewhere media player apps like Google Play,Music,YouTube and Spotify to bring a splash of color to their notifications drawing upon the main colors of Alta bars.

It is a little bit distracting and not everyone as a fan of this new feature but it does at least help set media notifications apart from the rest of the clutter.

Meanwhile persistent notifications for example from Google Maps a BPN app or anything else am i running the background of being de-cluttered.

These now screams down to a shorter notification card that slightly darker shade which also helps set them apart visually.

And that’s important because Android itself now shows you a persistent notification if apps are using power in the background.

That’s all part of Google tightening the screws on background apps an 8.0 which we’ll get to a little bit later.

The notification changes don’t stop there. though ambient displays mostly untouched since the days of the good old Nexus 6, finally gets a bit of an overhaul in Android 8.0 Oreo.

The main ambient display area actually shows you less information That it did on Nougat with only the time and series of icons appearing when the phone is raised.
the other side of that coin is that individual notifications then flash up in a more user-friendly way, which is better for quickly glancing at an incoming message or email.

Balancing information density and glanceability is always a tricky proposition but I think Google’s made the right call here to Android Oreo New Features.

And then also get a new way to see your notifications in Android 8.0 Oreo androids now let’s long to show you individual app notifications with the notification badges feature.

After the pending notification will display a colored dots and long pressing to open the app shortcut menu,will show you notifications alongside other shortcuts.

That’s not the only new trick kindly behind the actual cut menu in Oreo.a new widget shortcut button frees users from long, cumbersome widget menus with an easy way to see just the widgets from a particular apps.

Picture in Picture has part of Android TV for the past year but Android 8.0 finally brings it to phones and tablets, introducing the potentially huge feature for owners of extra-large phones and convertibles like the mightily ageing pixel C.

android-o-picture in picture

Picture in picture mode varies a little depending on how the developer implements it but basically this lets you start a video grooving in one app then hit the HOME key to shrink it down to a smaller floating window, with some playback controls.

you can resize and move it around the screen in the foreground while opening and using other apps as normal in the background. and yes if you’re really crazy you need to use multi window at the same time as picture in picture.

It’s similar to multi window as introduced as standard in nougat and while you can still use multi window to split the screen between a video and another app, picture in picture is just a much more elegant approach.

it’s one of the few new features that should help make android tablets more appealing to professional users and there are a few others here, support for wide gamut coloring apps should make Android a better fit for photographers.

Well the new Audio API will reduce audio latency and bring another step closer to taking Garage Band on the iPad. so let’s be clear here however good Oreo is Android tablet still have a long way to go before they can challenge apple’s dominance.

Everyone hates typing passwords, especially on glass. the tedium of password entry is spawned entire industry of password managers but they still require a lot of frustrating copying and pasting.

so  oreo google has tackled the password pane put on two fronts. firstly also filled with Google can help you sign into your accounts on your phone using information already stored in the approval account.

so if you’ve signed in to Twitter on the web through Chrome you can then pull in these details to sign into the app on your Android phone.

and thanks To the New AutoFill APIs password managers will be able to serve up passwords to other apps automatically without any hopping back and forth or copy pasting between text fields.

The one password guys give is a sneak peek at how this will work a few months back, again all of this will require devs to update their apps target android 8.0.

In any case both of these address a major pain point of entering complex passwords on a touchscreen.

on a related note Android is also getting smart about how it handles specific kinds of info and text fields.

in the new version, Google’s machine learning figures out what kind of data you’ve selected and offers relevant contextual options. for example a shortcut to the dialer app for phone numbers or Google Maps or addresses or place names there’s a lot going on behind the scenes in android 8.0 too.

The main under the hood changes should help in two important areas that everyone can relate to, battery life and faster firmware updates.

Firstly, Oreo makes it harder for badly behaving apps to devour your battery by limiting what apps can do when they’re not in the foreground. Google uses these restrictions to nudge developers towards androids job scheduler feature which handles background tasks in a more efficient way.

You can’t really see this working but it’s there and it will help battery life on every device that runs Oreo.

As for OS updates, well through its new project rebel Google’s created a modular structure that hardware companies can use to separate out their own customizations from the core Android OS.

The idea is this will make it easier to push out firmware updates and I’m completely reinventing the wheel every time.

This is no cure-all for androids update woes but it should significantly reduce the workload requite updated on shipping on 8.0 to say androids 9.0 next year.

It’s going to take time to judge how much of a success project Trevor will be and the device manufacturers are still going to have to play ball here if it’s going to work but it is a step in the right direction.

It’s hard to get excited about any single feature in android 8.0 even if you’re a big phone nerd like me, that’s partly because Android is more mature these days and less in need of big sweeping user facing changes especially on phones.

As a result Oreo to some of many smaller changes that make the OS easier to use with better performance, fewer pain points and added convenience.

Android still feels like Android but in 8.0 it’s more polished than ever.and fortunately the stable build of Oreo is free from the early want cut effects of the first round of Android 7.0 releases last year.

In the grand scheme of things project travel could turn out to be the most significant addition this version of Android as Google finally picks away the technical barriers keeping so many phones on older versions of os.

At the same time picture in picture mode, as well as refinements to keyboard navigation the Android shuffling closer to becoming a desktop OS and Android Oreo New Features.

Though there’s still a good distance left to travel there on the surface then this is a fairly safe release cycle for Android.evolution not revolution but despite the lack of an exciting headline feature.

Oreo is an important update and for pixel on Nexus owners lucky enough to be on the early release track they’ll be among the first to experience the most stable and capable Android release in years.

So This is Few Android Oreo New Features keep in touch for latest news rleted to Android 8.0

That’s it for now thanks for Reading and be sure to subscribe Our newsletter to see more the latest & order’ views and opinions as they land you.

Let me know in Comment section Whats your Opinion In Android 8.0 Oreo or you know any Android Oreo New Features. and have a wonderful day 

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