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iPhone 8 : Features Rumored Before Launch

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There are already so many rumors swirling about the anticipated launch of the next generation of iPhone, even down to what the device will be called. While most of are habitually referring to it as an 8, other names have been bandied about, including iPhone X, in honour of it being 10 years since the launch of iPhone. But apart from the all-important name and even more important launch date, sites who are typically “in the know” have pieced together some possible features from clues by parts suppliers.

A September launch is widely expected, however some sources are now suggesting that a 2018 launch makes more sense, largely as a result of supply-chain issues centring on screen availability.

As for some of the rumored features, the X looks heavy in biometric and optic features. MacRumors explains the connection due to an increase in production of 3D sensing lenses by longtime partner Largan Precision. They further point out the likelihood of huge augmented reality opportunities, both for consumers thanks to the upgraded features and for app developers who can take advantage of Apple’s release of ARKit.

iPhone 8 : Screen protector on sale already

As for the look and design, at least one after-market parts supplier has produced a screen protector that goes edge-to-edge. MobileFun’s item suggests a full-screen bezel with a thin edge, although the item’s description hints at a small band of visible border in various shades. There are also four circular openings instead of one or two, which speaks to previous rumors about AR laser tech, although CultofMac indicates the laser may be needed for facial recognition.


The big rumors surrounding biometrics, though, are in the Touch ID sensor being a part of the display rather than limited to the home button. Original rumors predicted that the sensor would be located on the back, but leaked images for cases from third-parties don’t show a cutout for a fingerprint and also come in opaque plastics. While some sources cite this as a reason to say the sensor is still on the front (although integrated into the glass), it’s possible the rear-facing lasers could have more to do with the sensor than with AR tech.

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