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Pubg Lite for Pc | How to Download And Install PUBG Lite On PC (Any Country)

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Hey guys when I was first heard that PUBG lite was beings tested on pc in Thailand, I was super excited to checked out, But it was only available in Thailand, but well thanks to some VPN works and location change in windows finally I got to try out the new edition of game and here I am gonna tell you step by step how you can Download And Install PUBG Lite On PC and try this new PUBG lite pc on your computer or laptop from anywhere in the world.

PUBG Mobile is all the rage in India and Globally, but if you have always wanted to play PUBG on PC but you did not have a powerful PC or you did not want to spend money on it, well, PUBG Lite for PC is here. PUBG Lite for PC works on most PCs and laptops and the best part is it’s completely free.

But before we start Download And Install PUBG Lite On PC let I tell you minimum specifications you require in your pc.


OS Windows 7, 8,10 64 bit
CPU Core i3, AMD Ryzen Gen 1 or clocked around 2.4GHz.
RAM Minimum 4GB
GPU  Intel HD graphics 4000

Best experience REQUIREMENTS to Download And Install PUBG Lite On PC

OS windows 7, 8,10 64 bit
CPU core i5, AMD Ryzen 1600 or above or Any clocked around 2.8GHz.
RAM Minimum 8GB
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870

Well, now you all know the ideal requirements to play this lightweight versions of PUBG, And if you meet the minimum requirements then Here are the steps you can follow then carefully and Download And Install PUBG Lite On PC.

Follow the Step to Download and install PUBG Lite on Your PC

Now This process is divided into two Part

  1. First, Apply for a PUBG ID and, download the PUBG Lite setup.
  2. Install PUBG Lite setup on Your PC

Apply for a PUBG ID and, download the PUBG Lite setup

  • Go to the official PUBG website, I suggest you to use google chrome browser because it automatically translates thai language to English.
  • Now the first things you need to do is Apply for PUBG ID.
  • On the top right Corner Click On APPLY FOR ID

  • This is an important step as this PUBG ID will be required to log into the game. Now Enter the required credentials and Click On Create My Account.

  • Next, Check your email account and click the ‘Confirm to Register’ link to verify your PUBG ID.  You’ve completed the initial steps and Now time to download the PUBG Lite Launcher setup.
  • Now Go To Download And Click on DOWNLOAD Option

Here We don The First Parts Now time to install It.

Steps to Install PUBG Lite on Your PC.

  • Get a good VPN Software and install it

When we move to the installation part there is some important point you need to have in your mind before you install it. We know that PUBG lite PC is only available in Thailand right now it’s not available globally so you need a VPN to Log in and play The game.

There are a lot of free VPN service Available and if you have little money then go for paid VPN.

Now You have VPN Software and PUBG Lite Launcher available. The Next Step is Downloading The game itself and it is a long process because the size is around 1.9GB

Here are the steps you need to follow to download PUBG Lite on your PC

  • 1. Open the VPN of your choice, switch to the Thailand server and start the service. ( I have VeePN So I used this, you can use any of you have.)

  • Now, Next Step is Install the PUBG Lite Launcher we had downloaded above, then open it and you will be asked to log in with your PUBG ID. Simply use the ID and password you had created before to log into the launcher.

  • Once you’ve logged in, the launcher will open and you will notice a huge orange button at the bottom left. It reads install and you need to click it to start downloading PUBG Lite on your PC. The file size is around 1.9GB and takes a few hours depending on your speed and don’t forget you are using VPN.

  • At the top right There’s an option to change the language to English, You can click on the drop-down at the far right top to see if you can switch the language Some time it dose not work.
  • Once the download is complete, just close the launcher Dont open it yet.

Steps to Play PUBG Lite on Your PC

Now You Have successfully downloaded and installed PUBG Lite on your Pc but it is still Not ready to Play.If you try to play this lightweight variant of PUBG right away, the game will open but you’ll encounter a “Not yet available in your region” error. This is because the game is restricted to Thailand and it takes into account your system location, as well as timezone while initializing.

However, there’s an easy way to avoid the error by tweaking the Windows settings.

  • First, Go To navigate to ‘Settings -> Privacy’ and then ‘Location’ under the App Permissions section. Because we need to need to change the default location of your Windows PC.
  • Now click on the ‘Set default’ button under the ‘Default Location’ option to change the location.
  • You will need to search for ‘Bangkok city, Thailand’ in the text box on the pop-up map, select the said location, and then click on the ‘Change’ button to modify the default location to Thailand.
  • After setting your default location to Bangkok, you need to set your PC’s time zone to the same location. So, navigate to ‘Settings -> Date & time’ and change the time zone to ‘(UTC+7:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta’ from the drop-down menu.

That’s all Now you are ready to play Pubg Lite Pc Anywhere from the world.

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