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Top 5 Android Video Compressor App | 2018

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Do you see a low storage notification whenever you store a video on your smartphone? Do you also want to store many videos in your phone, so now you do not need to be frustrated. We are going to tell you about such Android video compressor app’s that will help you to compress the size of your video. In this way you will be able to store many videos on your smartphone.

Android Video Compressor App : VideoShow

VideoShow is the most powerful movie editor and slideshow maker app in worldwide. And it is used most commonly for video making and sharing between YouTube, Instagram and Facebook users. This app is completely free and the exported video will not be deadlined. It is unique in the market. The app has already downloaded 10 million+ users on Google Play Store. The app got 4.6 stars on the Play Store, which has more than 83 thousand users rated, it is Video editing App but it’s Powerful video compression features Make it first on our Android Video Compressor App list.

VideoShow Android Video Compressor App


  • All in one
  • Video dubbing.
  • Powerful Video Trimmer / Video Cutting
  • Fast Video Compression
  • Convert Video to Mp3
  • Share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WattsApp, Google+, Twitter, Line, VChat etc.

Download Here

Android Video Compressor App: Video Compress

This is one of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store. You can install the app for Video compress Android Video Compressor App https://www.geektablet.comfree. The app has got 4.4 stars on the Play Store, and it has rated over 23+ thousand users.  The app has so far downloaded 1 million users.


  • This App supports almost all video formats.
  • With the help of the app, Video can be converted to MP3.
  • Extract subtitles in the video.
  • The app can compress the video without decreasing its quality

Download Here

Android Video Compressor App: VidCompact

With this app you can compress big video files, even without lowering the quality. also you video compact Android Video Compressor App https://www.geektablet.comcan trim the video With this app. The app has already downloaded 5 million users on Google Play Store. The app got 4.5 stars on the Play Store, which has more than 84 thousand+ users rated.


  • You Can cut, crop and trim the video in this app.
  • The app sports multi-format.
  • App is great for big video files.
  • Fastest video compression App.

Download Here

Android Video Compressor App : Video Dieter 2

The app has downloaded over 1 million users to Google Play Store. App gets 4.4 star on

Video diester 2 Android Video Compressor App

thePlay Store, which has more than 23 thousand users rated. This app can be quite useful for sending big size videos on WhatsApp and Facebook.


  • This app has editing features.
  • You can set the resolution of the compressed video
  • You can also add your favorite music to the video.
  • You can cut, crop, and trim the video in the app.
  • Compressing the video will not affect the quality.
  • There are features like Slow Motion in the app.

Download Here

Android Video Compressor App: YouCut

The app has downloaded over 1 million users to Google Play Store. The app has got 4.4 star YouCut Android Video Compressor App https://www.geektablet.comon the Play Store, more than 48 thousand users have rated


  • There is trim, cut and cropping Option.
  • Add many filters and effects to the video.
  • Add music in video.
  •  Adjust the speed of the video.

Download Here


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