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Top Android Apps This 10 apps You must Try in your phone

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we haven’t had a top android apps List For the August 2017 on this website.

For kind of while now and that’s primarily because these Post just take so long to make.

Hope you enjoy the end product so the first application is.

Top Android Apps list of top 10 app


Top Android Apps list of top 10 app Socratic Now you may remember those mathematical applications where you can take photos of math problems and they will instantly give you a solution.

Top Android Apps list of top 10 app socratic-appWell this is that but times it by 10 because Mary does it give you the solution,it shows you every step of the working and it goes further.

It can actually answer worded questions as well you simply take of the word and it give you  detailed answer.

you can give you a QNA. It can give you a video answer or you can even give you diagrammatic representations.

it’s genuinely incredible.So this is The First App of Top Android Apps List.

2 Decision Crafting Decision Crafting


So I’d say the next up is innovation at its finest this is Decision Crafting and what it does is it tries to mathematically solve your real life

so it could be anything from which meal to cook today to which holiday destination to choose.

so when you’re setting up the problem you tell the apps of things that matter to you so it could be the amount of time required cook a dish,the number of ingredients it has, and how healthy it is.

you’ll then tell it stuff about the individual choices.

for example you could say Pizza is low on the health scale but it’s very good on the time scale.

and after inputting it it’ll actually calculate what you should be doing.

So this is The Second App of Top Android Apps List.

TV Time (TVShow Time)3 TV Time

so then we have TV time and if you spend any time at all watching any TV series this is actually the one app you need it keeps track of order favorite shows and in this little calendar presents when they’re all coming on so you can timetable it in but to be honest my favorite feature is.

as soon as you’ve watched an episode it opens up this huge community area you react to it

people film their own reactions people chat about the show and what’s just happened in it

and it’s a great way to not only meet people but also gain some perspective

it makes you really immersed in the whole TV experience.

it’s a really cool idea the app understands the kind of TV you’d like and recommend shows accordingly.

you’ve also got your own profile where you can follow people keep on top of what friends are watching.

This is the perfect app for TV addicts and reason to add in Top Android Apps.

4 Material Cards icon pack

next Move up fourth Top Android Apps, an icon perk this is Material Cards icon Material Cards icon packpack and it has to be up there in the top five icon packs I’ve ever used.

not only does it completely change the shape of every single one of your icons into this rather unusual rectangular it which keeps things fresh.

but at the same time there’s quite large variety of well designed high-resolution colorful vibrant and material icons already there.

5 Posteroid        

so whilst this is not a typical application that I’d feature posteroid did really catch my eye essentially it’s a way to make posters very quickly.

you can simply head on to Google Images download any image you want or even use something from your gallery and it will automatically use some color filters to make it appear more post.

like you can then simply start typing and it will automatically format your text to make it look more professional.

and what I like about this app is the customization level is quite simple it looks good.

very easily song with next to no skill in designing posters can make something which looks professional.

i hop it suit in my Top Android Apps list.

Edo - Know what you eat


for those of you who are a little bit more health-conscious EDO is a very interesting app so you can either search for a food you’re about to buy or just scan the barcode and this thing tells you everything about it.

it gives the food a rating based on its overall effect on your health compared to its edo-app-competitors and it gives you a breakdown of the pros and cons of each product to tell you for example that this thing has sesame oil in it and this is what sesame oil is going to do it takes into account allergies and it even goes to the extent of breaking down how much a certain serving of food is going to mean in terms of how much walking you need to do to burn off the calories.

Reverse Dictionary
 Reverse dictionary

next up reverse dictionaryReverse Dictionary and be honest I could probably leave that there that probably explains the entire functionality of this app but essentially if you type in the description of a word this thing tells you what that word is so for example there might be times when you remember the characteristics of a certain famous person or a certain type of food but you just can’t quite put your finger on what the name is and this is the application for that if it makes it easier the app also lets you search by words that sound like a certain word.

Whistle to Find8 whistle to find

so have you ever lost your phone only to realize you placed it about two meters from where you’re standing?

Definitely I’m and I’m sure a lot of people do this and this application is essentially meant to stop this.

Once installed and turned on, if your phone detects any whistling above certain volume an alarm will automatically start ringing.

It’s a great backup mechanism but unfortunately did trigger accidentally a few times.

Pixomatic photo editor9 Pixomatic photo editor

then we’ve got an app called pixomatic one of the most effective ways of essentially transporting an object from one photo to another photo it’s got a fairly smart algorithm built-in for edge detection so all you to do is to draw a rough line around the object you want to cut with your thumb and you can just simply replace the background from my experience the results are a bit of a mixed bag sometimes it does look very sloppy indeed but other times you actually get a similar effect that you could have created by spending an hour on your PC aside from that it does do some of the other basic tasks that you can do on other photo editors but nothing too fancy.

Origami Zoopers

10  Origami Zoopers

for those of you who are big usersOrigami Zoopers of Zuppa legit the origami pack is quite a nice addition it is a set of clean widgets meant to look like folded paper that fit really well in any flat material setup now on scrolling through there are absolutely loads of colorful vibrant and interesting shapes to choose from but any problem I had with this is that when you’re trying to resize them some of them actually go a bit wonky


So guys I really hope you enjoyed, I’ve got tons more stuff like this but that being ,If you like this Top Android Apps This 10 apps You must Try in Android phone Then comment and let me inform in COMMENT Section If you have any other app you use.

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