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Top Cool New gadgets You Can buy From Amazon

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A lot of gadgets are available on Amazon. I’m posting few gadgets which I noticed. these are some amazing useful cool new gadgets and it is inexpensive.

Here are some Cool New gadgets on Amazon, hope you’ll like it.

To Buy This New Gadgets Go On Below link, All The listed Gadgets is available on Amazon.

01Matador Droplet Wet Bag

matador droplet Cool New gadgets You Can buy From AmazonThe first For top Cool New gadgets List is the matador droplet is a tiny little plastic object and essentially it’s got a little clip on the top so you can attach it to it key-chain or even the back of a rucksack

Now what it does is this turd waterproof pouch contains inside of it a complete full-size waterproof bag

The bag is large enough to fit shoe clothes all sorts of items that could be wet and essentially it prevents those wet items from ruining anything else that you may be carrying

Now to be honest one of my concerns because the outer casing is so tiny but the bag so large was that once you’ve taken it out you won’t be able to fit the bag back in but surprisingly I was able to do in under a minute which really isn’t that bad when you think about it

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02USB LED desktop fan

Cool New gadgets You Can buy From AmazonThen we’ve got the USB LED desktop fan.

A fascinating little gadget, it plugs directly into your laptop or PCs USB port and can be powered alone through that.

we’ve got a reassuringly firm adjustable neck which means when you do change the angle of the product it pretty much stays in place and the real hook here the real selling point is that if you look at one of the blades it’s got a strip of LEDs which when the fan starts spinning fast enough turns into a clock face

You can reprogram to tell whatever time zone you want and it works surprisingly well, in fact, it works quite a bit better than you’re seeing on camera simply because the camera is limited to 24 frames per second but the human eye is not

That The Reason To Add This In top Cool New gadgets list.

The fan is definitely powerful enough to keep you cool but at the same time as a result of that does make a little bit of noise in the process.

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03keyring splitter

Cool New gadgets You Can buy From Amazon

Next up we have a super inexpensive key-ring headphone splitter.

This is one of the most convenient forms of the headphone splitter seems because headphone splitters naturally are exactly the kind of gadget people are miss placing having it on a key chain means that’s never going to be a problem and aside from that it works exactly as you’d expect you can now plug two earphones or headphones into the same media player and listen to the same thing at the same time

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04Eivotor Alarm

Cool New gadgets You Can buy From AmazonNext up we have a super nifty little kit I’ve never heard of the company in my life but I didn’t change the fact that setup and use was extremely straightforward.

You have this IR remote and you have these four little fobs you can then attach the Fox to any set of items

They come with sticky tabs they come with rings you can put them on a key chain all sorts of different things you could do an attachment or headphones if you wanted to.

And the way it works is by pressing the color-coded button on the remote it’ll make the corresponding beeper start beeping.

It works are about up to 30 meters and it’s fairly audible so essentially it stops you ever losing these items.

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05Power bank Heater

Cool New gadgets You Can buy From AmazonNext up we have a power bank and before you start moaning that you come to this Website to see something different don’t worry because it does have a hidden trick up its sleeve.

So this is a 2600 mAh battery pretty small pretty portable with a nice aluminum casing.

It does have a reasonably bright torch on top

The cool thing really comes is if you swiveled ahead once more it can actually become a hand warmer or a heater which makes a lot of sense batteries naturally convert quite efficiently to heat and complement this the company also bundles in this little sock so when you wrap this around the battery bank you’ve almost got a mini water bottle constantly with you wherever you go.

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Cool New gadgets You Can buy From AmazonNow we’ve got one you will definitely be interested in this is called whoosh.

It is a spray that apparently cleanses polishes detoxifies and even prevents fingerprints on your smartphone’s display.

So what I need to do is to give it a rub remove the impurities then give it a spray and then rub it in again rub it in for a couple of minutes just be really nice and you will start to see your phone literally glows.

Now for a period of time after using this, it doesn’t prevent the prints but it significantly reduces them.

If your phone on the device also has a glass back the glide to networks completely well on those as well it essentially just adds a whole layer of shine and there’s a really nice way of giving it that sort of day 1 feeling again.

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So guys I really hope you enjoyed this top Cool New gadgets Post I tried to do something a little bit different to the standard best Post and if you did be sure to smash that Share button and check out the other Post I’ve got tons more like this.

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